Excel Tip: How to Change Upper Case Letters to Proper Case

This video demonstrates how to change names that are in upper case to proper case by using the PROPER function in Excel. Personally, I find it a bit difficult to read upper case text. This is first in a series of Excel text functions that I’m sure will come in handy, especially when downloading large […]

QuickBooks Online – How to Refund a Customer for an Overpayment

I made this YouTube video after receiving requests from my QuickBooks Online students. Having to refund a customer for an overpayment doesn’t happen very often. Therefore, it’s easy to forget how to do it. Unfortunately, there are no tutorials in QuickBooks Online regarding this subject.  

Using Google Fonts on Your Website

  Early this year I was researching the availability of any open source fonts that were out there.  To my surprise I found that Google offers high quality open source fonts that have been created and distributed by font designers.  The fonts in the directory are all released under open source licenses, which can be […]

Mobile Website Design – Attracting the Widest Audience

Spring is the time we start thinking about making changes to our house, property, etc. Perhaps your Spring project is to update or create a new business website. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind: Today’s audience is to a large part comprised of people who own tablets and or smartphones. Along with your […]