Mobile Website Design – Attracting the Widest Audience

Spring is the time we start thinking about making changes to our house, property, etc. Perhaps your Spring project is to update or create a new business website. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

Today’s audience is to a large part comprised of people who own tablets and or smartphones. Along with your marketing campaigns that you have worked very diligently on, a website that has been optimized for the best viewing experience on all devices will draw the largest demographics of traffic to your site.

Adobe Flash technology used too much memory and ate battery life on mobile devices. Apple’s Steve Jobs was very insightful and led the way in stopping the dependency on Flash by excluding it on iOS devices, i.e., iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.  In many cases website developers have discontinued the use of Flash in favour of HTML5 or their own custom built apps.  This is important to consider when designing or redesigning your website.

A busy website is very difficult to navigate.  Very often people will simply give up and go to another site.  By ensuring the navigation is easy to follow, the home page content is dynamic and explicitly describes what your website is about will ensure that a potential customer stays longer on your website.

Have fun and make your website a true reflection of your company.

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