Bookkeeping – QuickBooks Online Coaching/Training

Bookkeeping Services

I offer virtual, cloud-based bookkeeping services and QuickBooks Online coaching for small to medium sized companies.  With QuickBooks Online, my clients are able to keep on top of their company’s financial health from anywhere, anytime in real-time.  QuickBooks Online apps are available to download for PC, Mac, IOS and Android devices. Clients can login to their account over the internet from any computer.  For the very busy business owner, keeping on top of expenses can be a nightmare.  With QuickBooks Online, you can record your expenses on the fly by simply taking a picture of a bill on your smartphone and adding the expense.  A permanent record of the bill is now stored with the expense entry on all devices, and the internet! 

Services Offered

  • One-on-one virtual coaching/training in QuickBooks Online
  • Company set-up
  • Importing existing customers, vendors, chart of accounts and products and services from other accounting applications to Quickbooks Online
  • Set-up chart of accounts, payment methods, terms of payment, customers and vendors, inventory and or services by category
  • Daily entering of data for accounts receivable, accounts payable, and expenses
  • Deposit customer payments, creating journal entries for miscellaneous monies received and depositing the funds to the appropriate bank or visa type accounts
  • Reconciliation of PayPal® and Square® reports
  • Creating customer estimates/quotes, and invoicing
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Entering, coding and payment of vendor (supplier) bills and credits – payment on approval from the owner(s)
  • Processing of payroll; monthly government remittances of payroll source deductions, yearly T4’s and record of employment (ROE) if required
  • Quarterly remittance of WSIB premiums
  • Quarterly and yearly government HST remittances
  • Monthly bank, credit card reconciliations and other account reconciliations as required
  • Monthly and yearly adjusting entries and accruals
  • Monthly and annual financial and management reports
  • Maintain a logical accounting filing system