Terms and Conditions


We understand and respect that all information regarding your company is confidential and we will hold it in the strictest of confidence.  No details regarding your business will be released without prior consent. We will sign a “Confidentiality Agreement’ if requested by our client.

Retainer Agreement

In cases where a client requires services on a regular monthly basis, we may require a ‘Retainer Agreement’ to be signed.  The retainer must be paid at the end of the previous month for services required for the following month.  Intelligent Business Services will provide a weekly report of the hours worked by task, rate of pay and the balance remaining.

Additional Costs

Any additional costs incurred by Intelligent Business Services on the clients behalf for mailing, printing, mileage, etc. will be added to the invoice.  All backup for these costs will be attached to the invoice.

Hourly Rates

Rates are based on the degree of difficulty.