Gloria DiChiara – Artist

“I contacted Leigh Ann when I needed to develop an artist’s website.  I was soon to be exhibiting artwork to a gallery for the first time and also needed solo art show posters and invitations for the event.  It was a very stressful time for me because of strict time-lines, but Leigh Ann made the process easy by quickly organizing my thoughts and ideas into tangible working formats, which led to the creation of everything I had envisioned.  She was friendly, professional and knowledgeable and I found it to be a very positive rewarding experience.  I highly recommend her services!”

Sharon Monita – Owner Rohman Importing

My name is Sharon Monita and I was owner of Rohman Importing from 1990 to 2007…a distributor of fine cheeses and gourmet foods from the British Isles, Europe and Canada.  Our customers were finest quality cheese and gourmet shops in Ontario and across Canada.  Some of our customers would be Pusateri’s, All the Best Fine Foods, The Cheese Boutique, Bruno’s Fine Foods, etc. in Toronto, Pete’s Frootique in Halifax, Scott Distributing in Saskatoon and Worldwide Distributors in Calgary..  We were in our infancy when Leigh Ann Royal came to work for me as basically Office Manager…although back then she would have been called Girl Friday, I suppose.  Originally, she took orders manually over the phone, wrote them up, manually invoiced them, posted them to Accts. Rec., paid the bills, manually posting to Accounts Payable, kept track of Receivables and called customers when overdue…a daunting task back then because she learned how to diplomatically get the money in and still keep the customer happy…a must in a small company but hard to do.  She was excellent at it.     Read More

We got our first accounting system, Accpac, after a short while. Being the owner of a small company, I wore many hats, but computers and accounting packages was not my strength…finding new products and suppliers and selling to existing and new customers was where the growth of the company would be. That left little time for the day-to-day operations and particularly learning a new accounting system. Leigh Ann was charged with the task. In my entire life, I have never witnessed a person with the “stick-to-it-aviness” of Leigh Ann Royal….she’s like a “dog with a bone”…will not give up until she’s figured it out. At the time she was with us at Rohman, we were just starting out with no extra money for training her on the new Accpac system, so she just went about figuring it out on her own…a very daunting task…but she did it – well! That trait was invaluable to me. It took the pressure off me so I could go about growing the business. Every new piece of technology we purchased along the way went to her to decipher for us.

The company went on to be a well-respected distributor in the food industry, and we did well. Leigh Ann was very instrumental in that success. I don’t know what I would have done without her at the time. To this day she’s a problem-solver and the “go to” person. I have yet to witness another person with her tenaciousness. She herself went on to larger companies and brought that same trait with her, which has served her and her employers well. We sold the company in 2007 and will always credit Leigh Ann with a large part of our success.

I would recommend Leigh Ann Royal whole-heartedly as a valuable asset to any company.  She brings a problem-solving skill with her that is as natural to her as breathing, and she loves the challenge.” Read Less

Robert Jacksteit – Product/Sales Manager

“It was a pleasure to work with Leigh Ann for many years in her role as Credit Analyst while I was in the sales department.  She had a balanced approach to accounts receivable and the needs of the business which led to the ability to take on challenges with minimized risk.  She is very thorough and can be relied upon for her opinions and operations.  Her conduct with customers was always extremely effective while maintaining outstanding positive relationships.  I highly recommend her services.”

K. Shane – Toronto, Ontario

“Leigh Ann was able to interpret and understand everything required for a set of accounting books. She applied her skill set to identifying and assessing problem areas and promptly addressed them, knowing what to recommend. During this time she asked pertinent questions and processed the answers with a diligent work ethic, returning to me the files and adhering to confidentiality. I recommend her services to people looking for a solution, or a quick-fix  I was pleased with the outcome.”